Monday, August 1, 2011

Mischief, Mayhem, Mess


One of the best ways to distract Jack when he is trying to get into something he's not supposed to.

I have some great pictures to go with this post but my computer is acting crazy so they aren't here right now.  Will hopefully edit them in later.

Life with Jack is busy now that he is moving around so efficiently.  As I've already mentioned, he has a knack for finding things that do not belong to him and/or are dangerous, so someone has to be half a step behind him at all times.  Naturally, this doesn't always work and he can still create quite a lot of chaos under the watchful eye of Mom or Dad.  The difference is, Mike's response is usually to remove him from a situation, while mine is to run, grab the camera or my phone, and document the offense.  That way when Jack is older and inevitably claims to be innocent of all minor rule breakage, I will have evidence to prove that his mischievous streak struck early and often.

One of his favorite things to do now is find people when they leave the room. I love watching him do this when Mike goes to take a shower before work, because pajama-clad Jack will push the door open, crawl to the tub and pull up so he can grab the shower curtain and fling it out of his way, as if making his grand entrance. He leans over the edge of the tub so when I eventually decide that I should get him out of there he has wet hair, hands, and shirt.

He loves water, which is generally great because he's not afraid of pools or bathing. He is getting brave, too, and will cruise along a pool wall and sit by himself in shallow water. When someone is with him in a large pool this is great, but bath time is complicated now. All he wants to do is stand up and eat the bath/shower knob. We are the mean Mommy and Daddy who continuously plop him down on his butt and try to bribe him with squirting fish and washcloths. The real issue here is that he grew out of his bath seat that was advertised for 7-16 month-olds. Chubster.

The best part of this stage is that he is having so much fun getting into trouble. He doesn't feel guilty about misbehaving because he doesn't know he is, so he is happy as can be watching me clean the kitchen floor for the sixth time in a day because he has just used one giant swoop to throw his entire dinner off of his tray. This is important because on days when he is tirelessly pushing my buttons, he will still come at me for a totally disgusting but adorable open-mouthed kiss and I will give him another chance to prove himself.

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