How We Got Here

Just a bit about our family in case anyone accidentally linked to this blog, found it entertaining, and wanted know more about us. My husband Mike and I met at Northwestern University almost ten years ago. I'm from New England but am a Midwest transplant since I have followed Mike from the Chicago suburbs to Central Illinois to Milwaukee to Ann Arbor. We got married in June 2008 and had our first child, Jack, in September 2010. Mike is a resident physician in radiology at the University of Michigan Hospital, and his medical school career is the root of all of the moving around. We are settling in here for at least four years, and we are weeks away from closing on our first house (knock on wood). I am a teacher by degree but I haven't had my own classroom yet, because I was five months pregnant when I graduated and decided to take a year off to be home with Jack. I'm looking for a teaching job here in Ann Arbor, but so far it's not looking great - anyone know somebody on the inside around here?