Monday, August 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces

No, I didn't get tired of blogging already.  Michael, Jack and I are in home limbo right now, as our sublet ran out and the closing date for the house has not quite arrived yet.  Jack and I are at my inlaws' (back together with Jet, yay!) and Mike is working in Ann Arbor and coming to Illinois on the weekends.  Each day I feel more and more respect and admiration for people who raise children on their own, and I'm not even truly experiencing that because I have a ton of help here.  Shout out to single mamas and dadas.  

I plan on coming on here with a giant post once we get into the house because I'll have my regular computer back and I will have a lot of pictures to upload and, crossing my fingers, faster Internet access than I did at the sublet so I can post said pictures in under an hour apiece.  

For now, a taste of what has been going on with us:

  • Jack has learned how to shake his head "no" and demonstrates this new skill at least 100 times every day.  "Jack, come to Mama," "Jack, time to change your diaper," "Jack, sit down please," "Jack, get out of the dishwasher," "Jack, stop pulling Mommy's hair," "Jack, leave Jet alone," etc. etc.  He also thinks it is just adorable to shake his head when he knows he is about to do something wrong.  He gets a very stern look on his face, stares at an electrical cord, looks at me, shakes his head no, and then grabs it and holds on for dear life.  Trouble, this one is.
  • Jack is moving more quickly and efficiently each day, and he is getting better at standing on his own and has taken a few steps toward things he really wants (i.e., me, even better if I am holding a pacifier).  We have a few videos of this now but I haven't uploaded any yet, mostly because I am screaming like a banshee in every. single. one.  What can I say, he's my first kid.
  • In non-Jack related news, I went to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend and almost wasn't allowed in because of an expired license.  It worked out, for the most part, but I spent the next 16 or so hours living in fear of what would happen when I got to the airport the next morning.  Luckily I was not stuck in Boston and got home after about 50 hours straight away from the baby, a record by a long shot.  Thankfully, I received a plethora of texts, calls, and picture messages while I was away so I had proof that he was basically living it up without me.  Sample text (from Michael): "Jack is now eating a deconstructed Chicago style hot dog."  Come to think of it, many of the updates I got revolved around Jack's bottomless stomach.  Oops, just realized this paragraph wasn't supposed to be about Jack.
  • I haven't found a teaching job yet, so there is an increasingly good chance that I will have more time to blog than I thought I would, so congratulations to you, followers.  That is the greatest gift I can offer you at this time.   Because I don't have a job and therefore cannot buy you anything.

Exciting times to come with the big move-in!   Copious entries ahead.

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