Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A new mom blog. What's that you say? There are at least 46 million of these things and there is nothing I can say that hasn't been said somewhere else in the massive expanse that is the Internet? That's probably true, but I will still be posting, for at least three reasons. First, it's for family and friends that live too far away from this kid and would like to know what he's been up to. Second, it's like mom therapy that doesn't cost 100 dollars an hour. Third, it's a digital extension of a baby book. I want to keep a better record of the big and little moments that we have been having, and while I update Jack's actual book with key milestones and pictures, there is never a specific place for the entries I want to make, such as “First Bathtub Poop” and “Rambling Stories of Rampant Mom Guilt.” I can't rely on myself to record these in a hard copy journal or in a word document just for me – I've tried both and failed. So a blog seemed like something I might keep up with. If I can get just one person to follow me, I will feel that I have a duty to keep them abreast of my (often mundane) daily activities. Ugh, now I'm afraid that not one person will follow me, and I'm back to square one. Someone please follow me, even if you won't read, so that I don't feel totally worthless.

In ten months, I have accumulated what seems to me a ridiculously huge list of anecdotes on motherhood. Breast feeding drama, nap woes? Got it. Postpartum hormone meltdowns? Please. Helpful/rude/unwanted/unsolicited/just plain crazy “advice” from strangers? You know it.

I can tell a million stories, but I will never claim to be a mom that has all of the answers. Let's face it, the list of things I will do differently next time around is probably longer than my list of things I think I am getting right with this kid. The onus of being a first-born. Plus, in a world rampant with mommy one-upping and judgments on parents for every teeny tiny child rearing choice they make, no one wants to hear about the “right” way. So visit again if that sounds like something you're interested in. Remember, if you don't, I'll likely give up and then it will be your fault that I have nothing to show the little beast in 20 years. Oh, you want to know more about your childhood? Well, I started a blog but I guess it was too redundant and no one wanted to read it so I gave up...sad for you. Nice guilt trip, right? 

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